What other wiki's are there othere then wikipedia?

Answer I like Lostpedia too which is a wiki even thought it doesn't have wiki in the name. the only other one that i know of that hasn't been mentioned so far is WoWiki which is a wiki for the videogame ... Read More »

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On wikis why many administrators are mean?

People usually call anyone who makes judgements against them or have opinions other than theirs "mean". ~Without specific examples (links) we have no way to prove or disprove your statement.

How Can Wikis Be Used in the Classroom?

A wiki is a website that has a variety of authors and allows anyone to change or delete content. For teachers, wikis can be a useful tool in the classroom to provide students with a syllabus, outli... Read More »

How to Use Wikis in a Classroom Setting?

Useful tools for the classroomWikis can be a bit of a daunting topic for a schoolteacher who is trying to teach a bunch of teenagers, but you can incorporate the process of wikis into your classroo... Read More »

Can i trust wikis that are on these topics ?

For the most part yes, granted some people may throw crap in form time to time, but it tends to get weeded out rather quickly.