What other sites are there that are like wikipedia?

Answer List of websites like Wikipedia:http://www.britannica.comhttp://www.reference.com Read More »

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What is this about wikipedia and other sites shutting down?

the us government is retarded and thinks that they can stop all free things on the internetwiki is a free site (so the act is against it) and its shutting down to protest against the acts that the ... Read More »

What are the similar sites like wikipedia?

erm...www.uncyclopedia.orgwww.wikihow.comdont know any morehave fun :)

Encyclopedia sites more reliable than Wikipedia?

Yes, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with access to the internet(?) which can be a huge plus when the topic covers an unusually obscure topic that traditional encyclopedia writers do not have acc... Read More »

Is 'Wikipedia' the best or one of the best sites on the net for information about any topic ?

A site devoted to information about Pagemaker or Corel Draw is going to have more information than Wikipedia. Wikipedia will have something, but on any specialized subject it is unlikely to be the ... Read More »