What other sites are like Amazon, Ebay..?


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What's better - EBay or Amazon?

Apples & Oranges ?? I use both for different reasons !!

Should I sell my iPod on eBay or amazon?

I'd go with Amazon. I don't think you get more money there like you wish for, but eBay isn't very trust worthy. In other words, compared to Amazon, it's not safe. At least Amazon, you know you are ... Read More »

Say i bought a verizon phone from ebay, amazon, etc.?

$0.00Verizon will transfer your wireless service to another Verizon device free of charge.

Do you shop regularly on the eBay, amazon ?

*Sigh* Unfortunately, yes. I'm an EBay fanatic. Mostly clothes in lots for my growing kids, but sometimes I look for other stuff. I recently went on a Korean Mink kick and bought oodles of blan... Read More »