Is there any other way to get internet connection other than cable or phone line?

Answer You can't get better than ComCast!!! There are other issues. If you're using Wireless router, try to connect directly to ComCast modem and check if you have the same issue. Ask ComCast to test the ... Read More »

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Hi, could anybody please tell me if there is any other company other than BT who can install a telephone line.?

It depands on your area. Are Telewest/NTL in your area?Since its a new house, the cost might be justified.Ask BT if you can spread the cost over a few months of phone bills as you can't afford it a... Read More »

Are there any other movies like Going the Distance?

I have a few ideas but they are not exactly the same as Going the Distance they are indeed about love and they have some action and funny moments in it but they don't show the concept of how love c... Read More »

Is there any other company than BT that can connect my phone line up?

Ive been having the same problem with bt, i asked that same question other day to one of my mates, and they said no its bt that has to connect u 2 a line

What other great movies or TV series are there that are like and are just as good as the BBC Robin Hood series?