What other plants grow without soil besides orchid?

Answer The following houseplants will grow in waterArrowhead vine, Chinese evergreen pothos philodendrons, dracaenas, tree ivy, swedish ivy, dumb cane, English ivy, umbrella plant, wandering Jew

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Can plants grow in other liquids besides water?

On One Hand: Plants Need Water to GrowWater is an important ingredient for the growth of plants. Using another liquid to water your plants can lead to mixed results. Liquids like milk, which contai... Read More »

Can plants grow in something other than water or soil?

Plants can grow in air through a system known as aeroponics, where nutrients are sprayed directly onto the exposed roots. NASA, among other organizations, is a big proponent of this system because ... Read More »

What plants grow best in sandy dry soil without a regular basis watering?

Names of plants that grow without soil?

Some Mosses and liverworts can grow on moist rocks and on tree stems. Two broad groups of plants live on other plants with out the need of soil. Epithets are plants grow on a host, including some... Read More »