Besides movies, what other things do you like?

Answer Favorite sports:Baseball - BrewersFootball - Packers and BadgersBasketball - Badgers and BucksDo I play sports - Yes (Track, baseball, football, casual basketball)Top 10 Favorite Books (I haven't h... Read More »

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What other movies were stargate sg1 and atlantis people in?

there is a Canadian movie called dogs breakfast and it has some stargate peeople in it

What are your favorite movies about travels and other countries :)?

Hi Moon!I like a bunch. Motorcycle Diaries is very, very good.I also like Shower; The Road Home; Not One Less; Yi Yi; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; The Wedding Banquet; Anna and the King; Bullet Proof Mo... Read More »

What other TV shows or movies used the robot from 'Lost in Space'?

The "Robby" robot suit in Forbidden Planet was later reused in the less-popular movie The Invisible Boy. It made several further appearances in other movies and TV shows over the next few decades, ... Read More »

Who is Keri Russell's father?

Keri Russell's father, David Russell, works as an automotive executive for Nissan. His career with Nissan forced the Russell family to relocate several times during Keri's childhood. Keri Russell m... Read More »