Besides movies, what other things do you like?

Answer Favorite sports:Baseball - BrewersFootball - Packers and BadgersBasketball - Badgers and BucksDo I play sports - Yes (Track, baseball, football, casual basketball)Top 10 Favorite Books (I haven't h... Read More »

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What other movies were stargate sg1 and atlantis people in?

there is a Canadian movie called dogs breakfast and it has some stargate peeople in it

What are your favorite movies about travels and other countries :)?

Hi Moon!I like a bunch. Motorcycle Diaries is very, very good.I also like Shower; The Road Home; Not One Less; Yi Yi; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; The Wedding Banquet; Anna and the King; Bullet Proof Mo... Read More »

What other TV shows or movies used the robot from 'Lost in Space'?

The "Robby" robot suit in Forbidden Planet was later reused in the less-popular movie The Invisible Boy. It made several further appearances in other movies and TV shows over the next few decades, ... Read More »

What are some other websites like where you can watch clear quailty tv and movies ?,,,,,, Youtube, yahoo, Google video, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion,.......... Read More »