What other jobs can a paramedic do?

Answer Paramedics can work in many areas beyond their normal job role. They can move up the ladder to be a supervisor, become an instructor and work as a salesperson for medical equipment. This gives an i... Read More »

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What other jobs can I get with an RN degree?

Not every nursing student is destined for the hospital setting. Fortunately, there are other jobs available utilizing an RN degree that may be outside of the normal RN roles.The FactsNurses with an... Read More »

What other jobs apart from being a poet did chaucer have?

a page a solider and an astronute !!!!!!!!!!!huu ever wrotee tht ^^ is mentally challengedd...the answer iss... courtier, diplomat, civil servant, and working for the king collecting and inventoyin... Read More »

I am looking for a job from 11 pm to 6 am in the morning. What kind of jobs are those other than security?

Do I continue with the daycare or look for other jobs?

While I am not in your position yet( I hope to be soon) Here is what I suggestIf you live alone find a roommate who*pays half the rent*pays half the cost of each of the bills*helps pitch in for Gro... Read More »