I am having a house warming party and would love ideas on food, drinks and other ideas to make it a success!?

Answer Lots of drink, lots of music - make some good CDs up in advance, simple foods that don't require plates/forks etc if it's gonna be a big party, get your friends to invite their friends. You could a... Read More »

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One of my testicles are bigger than the other two....any ideas what this is?

Nexus 4,7 or 10. Ay other ideas?

personally i would go with the phone simply becuase you have the full potential of the device as long as you have service.but if you are OK with using the nokia as a phone, and using the tablets wh... Read More »

Crazy Sock Day & Other Classroom Ideas?

When you've got young students and you're eager to challenge their creativity, hosting a crazy sock day gives them something new to look forward to. For crazy sock day you ask students to come to s... Read More »

Science Project Ideas on Other Ways to Melt Ice?

In the winter after a snowstorm or even when a light snow falls, it is common to see trucks scattering salt on the road. The salt is used to prevent the snow from turning to ice or to melt ice that... Read More »