What other herbs originted from the mediterranean basin along with cilantro?

Answer In 110v countries, it's got a 110v plug--the motor and heater in a dishwasher aren't very large, and the unit runs fine on 110v. In 220v countries, naturally the appliance runs on 220v.

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Are twins supposed to get along better with each other than other siblings who aren't?

well its said that twins get along better.... but theres always an exception..;)

Is it neccessary to remove the stems when preparing herbs such as fresh cilantro& how is easiest way to do so.?

It is ok to use the stem of the cilantro. It can actually add flavor to a dish. Just a tip- herbs can bruise easily so be very gentle with them if you are going to chop them up. Sometimes it is ... Read More »

What should you do if you forgot to attach dd form along with application can you send other form with dd on same number?

Yes. A street in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas is named in honor of 2nd Lt. Walter Truemper, a WW II Medal of Honor recipient. See:

How to Use Talwin Along With Other Opioids?

Combining more than one opioid medication is dangerous. Talwin is an opioid antagonist medication or synthetic opioid and it is prescribed for severe to moderate pain. It is a depressant to the cen... Read More »