What other herbs can I buy for a Marijuana alternative?

Answer Something called k2 it's an incense but if you smoke it it gets you high. Just fill a bong and take a couple of rips. If you are in high-school ask ppl if they got spice that's what slot of pp call... Read More »

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Are there any other herbs/ plants that can be smoked other than marijuana?

Catnip is not very good for the lungs and doesn't get you high. Tea is pretty much the only other option, it doesn't affect anything and gives off strong flavors.

What are some various herbs one could take to enhance aspects of Marijuana?

valerian root and kava kava, the latter is harder to find go to a vitaminshoppe they usually carry it, those 2 herbs work great.

If you just had two wisdom teeth removed on your right side 3 days ago would it be ok to smoke marijuana as an alternative to Tylenol 3 with codeine?

AnswerThey warn about smoking in the first couple of days to prevent dry socket, which is possible. But if it's been three days, and the clot is solid and things are starting to heal, I think you w... Read More »

What kind of pills/legal herbs/"alternative medicine" make people happy and energised?

Things you can get at health food stores:-kava (aka kava-kava) root, has a sort of alcoholy feeling, and if you take it at night, an energetic happy feeling the next day, also, soaking the kava roo... Read More »