What other healthy drinks besides water?

Answer Cranberry juice :) its really good for the urinary tract and it prevents kidney stones... I like freezing it and drinking it... Lol or sometimes just adding a shot of vidka lol... But it goes down ... Read More »

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Are Mistic Juice Drinks healthy?

Um, no. That stuff looks absolutely terrible. 63 grams of sugar is over twice the sugar you are supposed to have in any one day, total. It also contains about a quarter of your total daily requirem... Read More »

Are odwalla smoothie drinks really all that healthy?

Is it really healthy? Odwalla JuicePosted by hungryrunnerblog So now, we’re here to find out the full nutrition story behind Odwalla Juice...“Whoa! Any company who would put 38 grams of sugar i... Read More »

Is it healthy to have only blended drinks for meals and snacks?

An official meeting attended 130 requirement employees, of them 66 drinks tea, 56 drinks coffee,63 drinks juic?