What other healthy drinks besides water?

Answer Cranberry juice :) its really good for the urinary tract and it prevents kidney stones... I like freezing it and drinking it... Lol or sometimes just adding a shot of vidka lol... But it goes down ... Read More »

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What happens to your body when you drink water only instead of other drinks?

Water has no calories so you're not ingesting all the crap.

Can plants grow in other liquids besides water?

On One Hand: Plants Need Water to GrowWater is an important ingredient for the growth of plants. Using another liquid to water your plants can lead to mixed results. Liquids like milk, which contai... Read More »

Can plants survive on other liquids besides water?

On One Hand: Plants Will SurviveAccording to the You Grow Girl website, tomato plants thrive in a combination of water and milk. You Grow Girl studies have produced disease-free tomatoes using diet... Read More »

Is there something other to use to wash store bought fruit, besides just water rinse,?

They sell produce cleaner at the grocery store. I saw it there the other day near the dish soap. I have never used it, but you might want to check it out. Or you can make your own with vinegar. Lin... Read More »