What other great movies or TV series are there that are like and are just as good as the BBC Robin Hood series?

Answer Winston Churchill

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Will there be a series 4 of the BBC's Robin Hood i?

There is a possibility that there will be a Series 4 of Robin Hood. Though Robin was killed by a poisoned blade, Archer could take the lead and lead Robin's gang and like they cheer in the movie "W... Read More »

What happens to BBC Robin Hood in Series 3 - does he die?

In the last episode of season 3, we see Robin, much, John, kate, Tuck, Archer and Gisborne join forces to defeat king john and the sheffif. Isabella ecapes from the castle jail and with the pioson ... Read More »

Is there going to be a third series of Robin Hood on the BBC?

In the last season, Robin died from a poisonous cut, so the characters in this particular series won't be back. There is as yet no plans for another series with different actors - but the present o... Read More »

WHEN does series 3 of BBC's Robin Hood come out?

Robin Hood series 3 starts on the 28th March at 6.50pm in the UK. But the series will start on May 30th, for the USA. I think that might explain why the official site only allowed BBC UK viewers to... Read More »