Do companies run background checks when hiring?

Answer According to the Society for Human Resource Management, as of 1996, 80 percent of companies now perform pre-employment background checks. Less than half perform credit checks, but more than half ch... Read More »

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Shouldn't we boycott companies that have only one goal..... putting other companies out of business?

Other than Amazon and Itunes, what other big-name companies sell music CDs and music downloads online?

Google play is a great big one. Sony has its own music empire too.Best.

Please no rude answers Any specific companies that will conside hiring someone with a non violent felony?

Go to your local state employment office. They will definitely know of companies that will hire you

Why do companies invest in other companies?

Companies invest in other companies because they believe that there is the potential to make more money. Businesses may invest in their own suppliers because they already know those companies and f... Read More »