What other artists sung stairway to heaven?

Answer I posted a Web link- scroll most of the way down to the category called "covers." It's all there.

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Subliminal messages in stairway to heaven?

Yeah, it's complete rubbish. There is video on youtube that plays "Stairway to Heaven" backwards, and even with the "lyrics" provided, it sounds like gibberish. People hear things in backward vocal... Read More »

Why do Record Companies give unrealeased or unfinished songs to other artists if its already owned?

Have you ever watched one of those singing shows on television where a contestant sings a song that they probably shouldn't have; i.e the song didn't quite mix well with the contestants singing sty... Read More »

When I sync my iPod, there are two artists who don't appear under "artists." How do I fix this?

if you downloaded on limewire which sometimes the person who put it there puts the songs name with the artist so it doesnt show up and sometimes it does so try downloading the same song from other ... Read More »

What are the songs sung in Les Miserables?

Act IWork SongOn ParoleValjean Arrested/ ForgivenWhat Have I Done?At the End of the DayI Dreamed a DreamLovely LadiesCart CrashWho Am I?Fantine's Death: Come to MeFantine's Death: ConfrontationCast... Read More »