What other Internet service owns NetZero?

Answer NetZero is a popular dial-up Internet service provider that does not require users to sign a contract for online service. As of June 2001, United Online is the owner of NetZero.Source:NetZeroUnited... Read More »

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Who Owns Netzero Internet Service?

NetZero is a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. United Online stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "UNTD." United Online, Inc. was formed in June 2001 when NetZero and Juno--another Internet s... Read More »

What is the difference between netzero and broadband service?

NetZero appears to be a narrowband service. It will be considerably slower than your current broadband service. If your spending $200 on your connection (a) your being ripped off and (b) NetZero wi... Read More »

What size modem is needed for NetZero high-speed Internet?

NetZero high-speed service requires a minimum modem speed of 28.8k, but the company recommends a 56k modem for best results. It should be understood that the high-speed service works through softwa... Read More »

Do I need phone service for NetZero DSL?

All DSL providers, including NetZero, require phone service to establish a DSL account. DSL Internet data travels over standard phone lines, and phone service must be in place in order for your con... Read More »