What organic products can be used to control weeds?

Answer Answer none this is one of the biggest problems in organic farming

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Can anyone tell me an organic way to control weeds in my small garden and yard?

Weed control can be a full-time job in warmer climates. Using mulches keeps the weeds down, but some beds need to be hoed regularly. Another solution of vinegar and water can help kill stray weeds ... Read More »

How are weeds controlled in organic farming?

Organic farmers control most pests, weeds included, with a number of different methods. The use of mulches, cover crops, mechanical cultivation, and hand labor are probably the most common, althoug... Read More »

Are there any chemical methods for getting rid of weeds in organic growing?

Answer There are no approved herbicides in organic growing. There are materials that are approved, but methods must also be approved as well. I will give you an example. It is possible to spray hor... Read More »

How to Control Weeds?

The worst part of gardening is weeding. While the plants you want sometimes need considerable attention to grow, weeds sprout up without any help, grow quickly, choke out the other plants and sprea... Read More »