What organ system does the human eye belong to?

Answer The human eye belongs to the nervous system, which helps us gather sensory information about the world around us. Eyes are made up of electromagnetic receptors, which are sensitive to light. Light ... Read More »

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What organ is the accessory organ of the integumentary system?

The intergumentary system has more than one accessory organ; among these are the air follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and nails. The skin is the primary organ of the intergumentary system.... Read More »

What human organ is modeled by the image processor of the digital camera?

Which two organ systems provide materials required for the human body to produce atp?

The digestive system provides the cells of the human body with glucose, which supplies the energy used in the ATP creation process. The respiratory system provides the oxygen crucial to the process... Read More »

Is a flower an organ system?