What organ produces testosterone?

Answer The hormone testosterone functions in determining secondary sex characteristics. In men, testosterone production occurs in the testes. Women also produce a small amount of the hormone. In women, te... Read More »

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What Produces Testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone that causes male characteristics. Muscle tone and mass, facial hair and deepening of the voice are all examples of changes brought about by testosterone flooding the bio... Read More »

Which organ makes the sperm&testosterone?

The sex organs which are responsible for producing and storing sperm are the testicles. The testicles also produce testosterone, the main hormone that is necessary to stimulate the sperm production... Read More »

What organ produces estrogen?

Estrogen, a female hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle and stimulates the growth of a women's sex organs, breasts and pubic hair, is produced by the ovaries. The ovaries produce three types ... Read More »

What organ produces antibodies?

The Lymphatic Research Foundation explains that antibodies are produced by the lymphatic system. This system's complex network of lymph nodes, organs and vessels runs throughout the body. It protec... Read More »