What organ produces cholesterol?

Answer The liver produces the majority of the body's cholesterol. Along with manufacturing approximately 1,000 mg of cholesterol per day, the liver removes a portion of excess cholesterol from the bloodst... Read More »

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What organ produces testosterone?

The hormone testosterone functions in determining secondary sex characteristics. In men, testosterone production occurs in the testes. Women also produce a small amount of the hormone. In women, te... Read More »

The organ that produces insulin is known as the?

The Islets of Langerhans (part of the pancreas)

What organ produces antibodies?

The Lymphatic Research Foundation explains that antibodies are produced by the lymphatic system. This system's complex network of lymph nodes, organs and vessels runs throughout the body. It protec... Read More »

What organ produces pepsin?

Pepsin is an enzyme present in gastric juices produced in the lining of the stomach. Pepsin aids in the digestive process, helping to break down the protein found in foods such as meat, eggs and ch... Read More »