What operation will be good for my husband to prevent having a babies?

Answer A Vasectomy!

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My husband had a spinal fusion operation and it has gone worse?

I am so sorry for you husband and his pain. My surgeon wanted to do a fusion on me about 2 year's ago (age 31) but after much research, I refused. My MRI shows significant scar tissue from a prev... Read More »

Women with babies, isn't your husband supposed to come first?

They are different loves. They are incomparable, really. The love for your child is so strong and natural. It's an animal instinct. That's the problem with the English language. You can love chocol... Read More »

Your husband has swine flu how can you prevent your baby getting it?

You need to isolate him. Since you have to take care of the baby it's important you don't get it. Wash your hands and try not to touch him and don't let him get in contact with the baby.

If husband and wife have same blood group, any problem to have babies. Please answer in detail.?