What opens .MDF files?

Answer According to, .MDF files are typically associated with the program Alcohol 120%. Unless you're familiar with them, figuring out how to open .MDF files can be a bit difficult.The Basics... Read More »

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What software opens bin files?

Files with the bin extension are very often used to hold an image of data for a CD-ROM. Most CD-ROM software supports these files. On Windows, examples of software that support bin CD images are Ne... Read More »

What program opens GED files?

A GED file extension usually indicates a GEDCOM Genealogy Data File. You can open GED files with a number of different programs, including the commercial programs Ancestral Author, Genbox Family Hi... Read More »

What program opens MDI files?

The Microsoft Document Imaging utility is used to open MDI files. Microsoft Document Imaging is similar to the Adobe PDF format in that the printed version of an MDI document appears the same regar... Read More »

What is a PVM file What program opens PVM files I am trying to open a PVM file in My DocumentsMy Albums it says Camera 12 30 2006 PVM File 2 KB?

PVM file is a directory listing of certain photo imaging software's that link to the actual jpeg file. See more on PVM file and how to open it at related links.