What online resources did you use before Wikipedia?

Answer There is always the risk of false information, but in the beginning I used Yahoo. Well, not really, in the beginning I used gopher. There used to be a way to get from the local library, I could get... Read More »

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How can I add reliable resources on a wikipedia article?

There are many ways. Choose whichever makes the most sense to you.To make the task easier, look at other citations in the article's wikitext and copy and paste one of them, then adjust the new ent... Read More »

What was the world like before wikipedia?

It was the Dark Ages. We had to look though hundreds of Google hits to answer simple questions. Or make trips to the library, 50 miles each way in my case. Since Wikipedia has become a substantial ... Read More »

Primary Online Resources?

Primary sources are firsthand accounts of events being researched. Examples of primary sources include but are not limited to: autobiographies, diaries, interviews, letters, news footage, official ... Read More »

Online Educational Resources?

A teacher's job is truly exceptional in that they can make a positive difference in the lives of numerous children. This job is not easy, however, so online resources can help contribute to a teach... Read More »