What one thing could you eat right now?

Answer Shredded wheat with vanilla soymilkand some coffee...(all I have is nutty nuggets>cereal< ... ::sniff, sniff::)

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I have lower back pains,right side pains, pains in right butt cheek down to right leg.What could it be?

It does sound like a bulging disc and sciatica. I have suffered from this for over 20 years. Go to the Doctors or emergency ward at the hospital. They will order Xrays to determine the real cau... Read More »

What could be causing this: I just got a headache on my right side and my right eye is having vision?

Really Olga,trolling eyecare.Which one is glass?

Could the same thing happen to me If it does will there be anything I could do to stop it happening?

everyone is different. although a condition could be carried in the genes i guess. im not a expert but stay strong, i delt ir be likely :)

If you could teach drivers one thing what would it be?

I think using the signals should be given far more emphasis than it apparently is, in driver training classes. And the headlights should be on at all time, too -- for the same reason, so others ca... Read More »