What oil to use for deep frying french fries?

Answer peanut oil

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Is deep frying chicken in olive oil any healthier than deep frying chicken in Crisco (shortening/lard)?

Olive oil is better than shortening. Olive oil is good for you! It is high in the good cholesterol. So, use it to fry, and if you like, drink it. There are people that do just that.

How to Make French Fries Using a Deep Fryer?

French fries, or frites as the French call them, are excellent eats, but most people buy theirs at restaurants or purchase them frozen and already cut and cooked once. Luckily, you can make them fr... Read More »

What oil do you use for deep frying?

When deep frying, the best oils to use are those that have a high smoke point and neutral flavors, such as safflower, peanut and corn oils. Vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and lard have somewha... Read More »

What is the best oil for deep fat frying?

On One Hand: Peanut OilThe best oil for deep fat frying is peanut oil. It has a very high smoking point, which means it doesn't scorch or burn at high temperatures like most oils. If you use an oil... Read More »