What oil does a renault 5 gt turbo use?

Answer Although the Renault 5 GT's Turbo Cleon Engine uses standard oil from the factory, you'd be wise to consider switching to a lightweight, high mileage, synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is better for the... Read More »

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Does any 1 have a radio code for a renault clio radiosat 4000?

Long shot. Go to this forum (a bit out of date now though)…There's a guy on there calling himself hay88 - he seems to help lots of people who have asked th... Read More »

What does a turbo do to a car?

A turbocharger, also simply known as a turbo, allows more air to flow through a car's engine, which gives the engine additional power. More engine power generally produces a higher top speed from a... Read More »

What does a turbo timer do?

A turbo timer is a device that can be used to idle a turbocharged automobile. With the turbo timer, the turbocharged car will continue to idle for a set amount of time. Once the time goes off, th... Read More »

What Does the CDR Vent Do on a 6.9 Turbo Diesel?

A crankcase depression regulator (CDR) canister is a positive crankcase ventilation system utilized on many diesel engines, including the Ford 6.9 liter turbo-diesel. A CDR vent on diesel engines p... Read More »