What oil do you need for a Redcat ATV?

Answer Redcat recommends using 15w-40 or 20w-50 oil in its ATVs during the summer or in hot climates and 10w-30 or 10w-40 motor oil in cooler climates. If you ride the ATV through a lot of water, change t... Read More »

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What life skills need to be taught to special need children?

if dosage is 1.5mg,then she wont have the requirement of nxt dose,the effectiveness is 95%

Need wireless remote speakers for hearing impaired parents. What do I need exactly?

If your parents are open to the idea of headphones, there are many wireless headphones available. Here's one, for example:

Can you tell what I need to know, wife is now pregnant and need all your good advice?

Okay, first off, she needs to be taking prenatal vitamins. If she can't tolerate them because of morning sickness, she should then take only Folic acid until the sickness subsides. The Folic acid p... Read More »

First time dishwasher owner. I hear i need to add salt to it What all products do i need to buy?

There is such a thing as dishwasher salt which is used to soften the water. (I've never seen it or known anyone who's used it.) It has bigger crystals than table salt so it won't clog up dishwasher... Read More »