What of these brushes are better for liquid foundation?

Answer in my opinion i think the real techniques brush is probably going to work better.

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What is the difference between liquid foundation, mouse foundation and matte foundation?

Liquid foundation is just that: foundation in liquid form.Mousse foundation is just that: foundation in mousse form.And matte foundation is just that: foundation with a matte finish.The form is all... Read More »

Is a foundation primer necessary for liquid/mouse foundation?

Yes.Because it keeps your makeup from cLogging your pores, esp with liquid or creams. It does that because primer is filling in your pores making it easier for your makeup to glide on and without h... Read More »

I need help blending in this liquid foundation with this foundation brush?

It goes on best with using a sponge or even a cotton pad or ball; But you can apply a amount on the back of your hand and apply little at a time. Use a moist brush when applying :) And use a really... Read More »

How to Clean Foundation Brushes?

Cleaning out your foundation brushes is very important for the health of your skin. Also, it will help keep your makeup components from mixing together, creating an unpleasant surprise when you app... Read More »