What ocean zone do shrimp live in?

Answer Shrimp are a bottom-feeding species that reside in abyssal zone of the ocean. The abyssal zone of the ocean is the area that is roughly 10,000 to 36,000 feet deep in the ocean.Source:Library Think ... Read More »

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Where do shrimp live in the ocean?

Young shrimp move from the brackish waters of tidal creeks and estuaries out into the ocean as they mature, settling on the ocean floor, where they live and feed as adults.Source:South Carolina Dep... Read More »

Do shrimp live in the intertidal zone?

Shrimp and other marine organisms, including oysters, crabs and sea stars, live in the intertidal zone. The intertidal zone refers to the section of the shore that's under water at the high tide bu... Read More »

What ocean zone do seahorses live in?

Seahorses live in the euphotic zone, also known as the sunlit ocean. This zone represents the top layer of the ocean. It is the layer that sunlight reaches during the daytime. On average, the eupho... Read More »

What zone of the ocean do green sea turtles live in?

The green sea turtle lives in the euphotic or epipelagic zone. Epipelagic means "upon the sea" and euphotic means "well lit." Together this refers to the uppermost layer of the ocean and is often r... Read More »