What ocean did Cartier cross on his first voyage?

Answer Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, sailed from France across the Atlantic Ocean to the Labrador Coast of Canada in 1534. King Francis I sent him on the mission to look for gold and for a Northwest... Read More »

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What ocean would you have to cross if you wanted to travel from eastern africa to india?

When going from East Africa to India, travelers have to cross the Indian Ocean. The African continent is on the western side of the Indian Ocean, while the country of India is in the northern regio... Read More »

Who's at fault in a three car accident when the first car stops to let pedistrians cross in the middle of the street and not at the cross walk They were jay walking?

Answer Not the first car that stopped. It is legal to stop a car on the street. Sounds like you and the guy behind you. Sorry. Answer pedistrians always have the right of way Answer pedistrians ... Read More »

Red Cross First Aid Tips?

The Red Cross offers a wealth of resources that provide essential first aid information to individuals and professionals. First aid tips cover different areas from cardiac failure to choking and ch... Read More »

Red Cross CPR First Aid Courses?

Many jobs require that their employees receive FIrst Aid/CPR/AED training. The Red Cross is a great place to seek that training because of its nationwide presence. First Aid/CPR/AED training can be... Read More »