What nylon fabric is used to make parachutes?

Answer According to Fabric Suppliers, parachutes of the past were made of silk. Parachutes are now made from a woven nylon, specifically designed for them, that is durable and strong. Sometimes the fabric... Read More »

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Where do I buy nylon fabric?

Nylon fabric can be purchased from any fabric store. You can get it at brick-and-mortar locations of stores such as Jo-Ann Fabrics and at any number of online fabric retailers.References:Jo-Ann: Sp... Read More »

Nylon fabric discoloration?

Depends on what's going on. Could the jacket have been in the sun for a couple of days -- that would lighten the color in exposed parts of the jacket, perhaps. If the color has been darkened by d... Read More »

Does Rit fabric dye work on nylon?

Rit fabric dye will work on many washable natural and synthetic fabrics, including nylon. Colors may appear slightly different on nylon blend fabrics, and Rit dye will not color those blends contai... Read More »

Is nylon an impermeable fabric?

Individual nylon fibers resist water, oils and other non-corrosive liquids, but fabric goods made out of nylon are often designed to allow moisture to pass through the material. Individual strands... Read More »