What nutritional value do strawberries have?

Answer See the Web Link to the left for a complete listing of nutrients.

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Do canned vegetables have almost zero nutritional value?

Wrong. Veggies in a can are nutritional. Not as fresh as frozen but none the less they are a fair nutritional intake. I use them in casseroles and with fried rice.

Does toasting bread change its nutritional value?

Toasting bread does not change its nutritional value. When you toast a slice of bread, you are just removing moisture. However, the sugar and amino acids in burned toast form acrylamide, which may ... Read More »

What is a nutritional value?

Nutritional value is the measurement given to a food to determine the benefit of consuming the item. Foods high in nutritional value help the human body grow, replace tissues and function properly.... Read More »

Does lettuce lose its nutritional value when planting in just plain water?

Well as far as I know, lettuce does not have much nutrition to start with. So not much to loose.I would guess that yu are correct what little it has to offer by either soil, or hydroponic gardenin... Read More »