What nutrients does a plant need?

Answer The plant needs water, sunlight, and dirt or soil.

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Cannabis plant nutrients?

Use pH perfect 3 part nutrients Grow Micro Bloom from Advanced Nutrients. This 3 part base nutrients specifically designed for your cannabis plant to grow big and better.

Hydroponics Plant Food Nutrients?

Plants need 16 different nutrients for healthy growth. The needs of each plant varies, depending on the plant and the phase of its life. Nutrients can be provided from natural organic fertilizers o... Read More »

What nutrients are required for plant growth?

Photosynthesis requires: Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen and Oxygen (in the form of water H2O), these are required to produce glucose, fructose (and sucrose). Sunlight + CO2 + H2O = C6H12O6 + O2Norm... Read More »

Am I getting enough nutrients?

No you aren't you are just playing with your foods, eat decent amounts of every thing.You need at least one fully cooked meal per dayDune