What nutrients are required for plant growth?

Answer Photosynthesis requires: Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen and Oxygen (in the form of water H2O), these are required to produce glucose, fructose (and sucrose). Sunlight + CO2 + H2O = C6H12O6 + O2Norm... Read More »

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Nutrients for Hair Growth?

Natural hair growth can be promoted by your diet, if you know what to eat and what results to expect. There are a plethora of nutrients that not only assist in hair growth but also protect its stru... Read More »

Does not getting enough nutrients stop your growth?

Anorexia will stunt your life and put you in a coffin. People die from malnutrition so to ask if it will stunt your growth is understating the matter.What you got from looking "it" up was wrong. Wh... Read More »

What Nutrients Promote Hair Growth?

Whether you are worried about hair loss or more concerned with being able to grow your hair to your waist, proper nutrition is an important part of hair maintenance and beauty. Taking care of yours... Read More »

What Kinds of Nutrients Enhance Hair Growth?

Nutrients provide the foundation for growth of new hair, skin cells and nails. Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients will enable the body to grow strong and healthy cells. Hair that is strong and... Read More »