"Boy Racers"?

Answer LOL good one mate how about 3 Quid Lads - It's all they can afford in petrol for the night so they spend hours parked up in a car park chatting, cause their Mum has said they got to replace the pe... Read More »

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How fast do skeleton racers go?

Skeleton sledders reach an average of 75-80 miles per hour as they race head first down an icy track. Skeleton was introduced as an Olympic sport during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games.Source:... Read More »

Instructions to Build LEGO Racers?

The LEGO building system makes toy buildings, planes and boats. It's also used for making cars, and not just cars, but racers. Because of the flexibility of the building system, you can make a car ... Read More »

Why Do Racers Tilt the Wheels on Their Cars?

Tuning a racing cars suspension is a very difficult balancing act that includes placing the wheels at just the right angle to provide maximum cornering grip and straight line stability. The three m... Read More »

How to Make Long Hair in "ModNation Racers"?

"ModNation Racers" -- or MNR -- is a kart racing game released for the Sony PlayStation 3 in 2010. With an emphasis on user-generated content, MNR players can edit tracks, karts and characters wit... Read More »