What number is a low white cell count?

Answer What is considered a low white blood cell count, according to the Mayo Clinic, may vary slightly among medical practices, but is generally considered as fewer than 3,500 white blood cells per micro... Read More »

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Your son has a low white blood cell count it was 3.4 what does this mean?

Some infections can occasionally cause a low white cell count. Repeat the count regularly. If it returns to normal no need to worry. If the child also has anemia or low platelet count other investi... Read More »

What is considered a low white cell count?

The number for low white blood cell count varies among doctors offices. In adults, a white blood cell count of below 3,500 per micro liter of blood is considered to be low. In children, the white b... Read More »

Low white blood cell count?

# WBC is an abbreviation for white blood cell count. These cells help fight infection and respond when an area of the body becomes inflamed. Elevated white blood cell counts indicate infection, inf... Read More »

Low white cell count in blood?

Leukocytopenia (or leukopenia; "penia" is from the Greek meaning a "lack of") can be caused by any number of factors, such as certain drugs or exposure to certain forms of radiation. It can even be... Read More »