What number do you use to contact the local agricultural agent?

Answer Try the local Extension service. The number may be listed in the telephone book, under the county offices. Or it may be listed on the Extension area of the county website.

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What does agricultural extension agent mean?

An agricultural extension agent is someone who gives guidance to farmers on agricultural issues. The agricultural extension agent teaches improvement methods to farmers, like making recommendations... Read More »

How do you delete the old contact number phones from the iPhone 16 gb and add a new contact number phones with anew SIM CARD?

It will come with a charging cord. You will have to plug that cord into your computer while it is plugged in to charge your iPod with that. Alternatively you can purchase an AC adapter from Target/... Read More »

If I delete a contact from whatsapp (by deleting their contact number) will they know?

no, because they'll still have your number unless you block them and delete them, then they'll be able to tell next time they go to talk to you.

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