What does the sack that comes out after the baby comes called?

Answer placenta

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Does a girl get pregnant even if the sperm of the guy comes out after inserting it in her after sex?

If the boy ejaculates after withdrawing it from the vagina the chances of getting pregnant are much lower, but they are not zero, since there are a few sperm in the pre-ejaculate (precum), and she ... Read More »

What comes after a mm?

What comes after quintuplets?

Sextuplets:6, septuplets:7, octuplets:8, nonuplets:9, decaplets:10.

What comes after octuplets?

The list below describes the terms used in multiple birth situations. We are all familiar with the terms up until Octuplets. Then past that is Nonuplets for 9 and Decaplets for 10. Quadruplets Qui... Read More »