What number can I call to check the status of a Wisconsin state refund?

Answer The Wisconsin Department of Revenue maintains a Refund Inquiry Help Line. In Madison, the local number is 608-266-8100; in Milwaukee, it's 414-227-4907. From anywhere else in Wisconsin, the toll-fr... Read More »

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What automated number can you call to check the status of your federal tax refund?

Citizens of the United States have the ability to call an automated number to obtain status information regarding their federal refund. This service is available 24 hours a day and can be reached a... Read More »

How to Check the Status of Tax Returns in Wisconsin?

The State of Wisconsin lets you check on your state income tax refund if you are due one through a website form or through an email inquiry. This is a useful tool when you need to know when the mon... Read More »

How Do I Check the Status of My Wisconsin State Refund?

Residents of Wisconsin are required to file both a federal and a state income tax return each year. Some of these residents will overpay their federal and state taxes each year and receive a refund... Read More »

Can I check my immigration status with my alien number?

An alien number, commonly referred to as an "A" number, may be used for identification purposes but does not by itself provide an immigrant with a status update. Instead, a visa applicant awaiting ... Read More »