Alright, so im 15 and i've been thinkin about gettin my ears pierced, i was just wondering if it hurts?

Answer No worse than a mosquito bite. Little sting but that is it if you go to a GOOD studio.

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I'm thinkin bout growing my hair out, like down to my butt. Does anyone still have a Topsy-Tail I can borrow?

No, I don't use 'em but I think your hair would look nice long if you wore it like the guy in this picture:…tee hee.....

I have lower back pains,right side pains, pains in right butt cheek down to right leg.What could it be?

It does sound like a bulging disc and sciatica. I have suffered from this for over 20 years. Go to the Doctors or emergency ward at the hospital. They will order Xrays to determine the real cau... Read More »

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