Alright, so im 15 and i've been thinkin about gettin my ears pierced, i was just wondering if it hurts?

Answer No worse than a mosquito bite. Little sting but that is it if you go to a GOOD studio.

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I'm thinkin bout growing my hair out, like down to my butt. Does anyone still have a Topsy-Tail I can borrow?

No, I don't use 'em but I think your hair would look nice long if you wore it like the guy in this picture:…tee hee.....

Where can you get an instruction manual for a Kenmore model number 665 12782300 dishwasher Stock number is 15782 type 280-2 serial number FP2808552?

A good online source for buying herb plants is Garden Harvest Supply. They offer many different herbs that are shipped in 3 inch pots.

How t o hide my phone number or cell number if i call anybody,my number should not be displayed?

Can you call an 800 number in the US from Ireland And if so what number should i prefix the original number w?

From Ireland you can dial the US 800 number through AT&T Direct. Dial the AT&T code (1-800-550-000) followed by the US 800 number. So if the US number is 800-930-6260 then you dial:1-800-550-000 ... Read More »