How do I Block a individual from calling my Phone number I only need to Block one Person from calling MyPhone?

Answer you can only block by a couple of waysif that person is making threatening calls, you can use a trace by hitting *57 and then make a report and go to court over it.if that person is making annoying... Read More »

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Phone number to call to find out what number you're calling from?

958 works in NY at least.. but not everywhere.. so you can just try.... 1-800-444-4444or 1-866-my-ani-isthe good thing about the toll free ANI numbers is that they work with VoIP and cellular as we... Read More »

What number do you dial to find out what number you are calling from?

You can call 1-800-444-4444 to find out what number you are calling from. This is a toll-free service and when you call this number a recorded message will read you the number of the phone you are ... Read More »

Why is this number calling me?

It could be a stalker but don't panic tell your parents to speak to him next time he calls! Don't get scared and hang up otherwise he will keep calling! Answer it and give it to mum or dad / tell p... Read More »

Calling a UK number from the US?

There is still a great deal of variation from one carrier to another about whether they will connect overseas calls to "odd" numbers or not. You may find that some will permit calls to a U.K. 0800... Read More »