What nouns describe water?

Answer Nouns don't describe, adjectives do. rough water, clear water, rocky water, salty water, flowing water, hot water, cold water, boiled water,

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Describe nouns for refrigerator?

How to Describe Water Waves?

Generated by wind or other forces, water waves are everywhere -- in oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, rain puddles, bathtubs, sinks and even your morning cup of coffee. Yet you may not have the words t... Read More »

Describe what water tastes like?

To me it doesn't taste of anything except the chemicals they add to it when it is at the water works. If I drink tap water it has to be filtered first in my jug and be icy cold. I can't drink it st... Read More »

What is the term used to describe the efficiency of a water heater?

Different types of hot water heaters have different terms applied to them to describe their efficiency. A solar hot water heater is rated by SEF (solar energy factor) or SF (solar fraction.) A tank... Read More »