What notes are played on a guitar?

Answer There are only 12 possible notes played on a guitar, but endless amounts of original songs written for it. Knowing the notes and how to use them is important to mastering the instrument and taking ... Read More »

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How to Learn All the Notes on the Guitar?

Fretboard diagramIf you have ever tried learning all the notes on the guitar fretboard, you may well have found it a harder task than expected! Unlike on the piano keyboard, there is no obvious rep... Read More »

How to Bend Guitar Notes?

String bendingOf all the many effects that can be produced from a guitar; bending notes is one of the most basic and well-known. The technique of bending notes is one that, although easy, will requ... Read More »

Notes on the bass guitar?

Bass mainly focuses on locking the root notes of the rhythm to the drum beat. You can also do crazy assed fills and complex bass-lines instead of the root note thing, but when starting out, focus ... Read More »

How to Read Guitar Notes for Free?

Guitar notation differs from standard musical notation. Rather than a staff, clef, time signature and key signature, guitar notation is called tablature. A typical guitar tablature page, or tab, co... Read More »