What non-profit information is public?

Answer To maintain their tax-exempt status, most nonprofit organizations must file some version of Form 990 with the IRS and make it available for public viewing. Among other things, Form 990 requires org... Read More »

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Are public schools non-profit organizations?

A non-profit organization is an organization where none of the organization's income is distributed amongst its directors, officers, or members. As such, non-profit organizations include churches, ... Read More »

Is the New York Public Library a not-for-profit organization?

The New York Public Library is a not-for-profit organization. It is partially funded by the city and state governments. The rest of its funding comes from both private and public contributions made... Read More »

Is the New York Public Library a not-for-profit organizaiton?

The New York Public Library is a privately managed, nonprofit corporation, and operates through both private donations and public financing. Each year, more than 40 million people visit the library... Read More »

Which Joint Information provides a structure for executing public information?

make adoption of nims by state, tribal, and local organizations a condition for Federal preparedness assistance (through grants, contract, and other activities)make adoption of NIMS by state, triba... Read More »