What noises does a rat make when giving birth?

Answer I have had mice and rats both. Both of which did nothing more than squeak.I would assume all rodents make a similar noise, such as; guinea pigs, gerbil's, ferrets etc.

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Does it hurt when giving birth?

It may feel uncomfortable for the first time but shouldn't be that bad if your husband or boyfriend is there

When you are giving birth where does it hurt?

Does a women poop when giving birth?

It is possible because the same muscles and effort are used. Don't know the exact statistics, but I have to say it is extremely high. As the baby's head moves down into and in the vaginal canal, it... Read More »

Does it hurt when a mother is giving birth to a baby?

Yes IT hurts a lot but it's a pain that's worth it because you have a baby to love at the end of it! You soon forget the pain otherwise mothers would only have one child.