How to Survive a Night in Jail?

Answer Jailed, huh? Well, that's your problem...What if you were pulled over for no apparent reason, and luck does not favor you? What if you are suspected of a crime you didn't commit? What if you were c... Read More »

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The name of the song in Prison Break Season 3 Episode 03 when Mahone was wandering inside the jail starts at 13 25?

How to Sneak a Boy Inside Your House at Night?

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Scratching noises inside my wall at night?

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Why do immigrants have a different justice system than Americans like Homeland Security and ICE being only after the big fish with no punishment for minor crimes that would have any American in jail?

I don't know what you've witnessed or dealt with but typically it is quite the opposite. Immigrants are oft times punished more harsly for small crimes than an American. Because they can simply be ... Read More »