So, does it spoil my boyfriend if I give him too much sex... ?

Answer well, in an appropriate relationship, you are NOT giving sex to your boyfriend. You are having sex WITH your boyfriend. It is not a one gives and one gets kind of thing. You both need to put some e... Read More »

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How to Know What to Give Your Boyfriend for Christmas?

Many of you girlfriends out there might not know what to give your boyfriend for Christmas. Here is a little advice.

How to Give Your Boyfriend Space?

He says he wants more space; you jump to the conclusion he wants out...It's a running joke that men need lots of personal space, but when your boyfriend’s the one doing the asking, it sure stops ... Read More »

Wanting my boyfriend to give up his motorcycle?

I don't blame you for worrying about his safety. But it's a decision he has to make himself.Consider:1. Riding on the freeway is actually safer than on city streets Nobody is backing out of driv... Read More »

What to do if your boyfriend wont give you space?