What nickname is given to Canadian dollar coins because of the bird pictured on them?

Answer The Canadian $1 coin is nicknamed the "loonie," because it features a picture of a loon. The loonie was introduced in 1987 to replace paper $1 bills. The $2 coin, dubbed the "toonie," was introduce... Read More »

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Who is pictured on American coins?

American coins in current circulation feature Abraham Lincoln on the penny, Thomas Jefferson on the nickel, Franklin D. Roosevelt on the dime, George Washington on the quarter, John F. Kennedy on t... Read More »

Who is pictured on the gold dollar coin?

Since the creation of the golden dollar coin in 2000, the Shoshone Indian guide Sacagawea has been pictured on the obverse. In 2007, the United States Mint began putting presidential portraits on s... Read More »

How to Separate Canadian Coins from American Coins?

Ever had a big box of coins that you wanted to use, but had both Canadian and American currency in it? This guide will show you an easy way to separate them.

What is the rate of exchange for the US dollar vs. the Canadian dollar?

The exchange rate on March 4, 2011 was 0.97263 Canadian dollars for every 1 U.S. dollar. However, the exchange rate is constantly changing due to different economic pressures on each country.Resour... Read More »