Can you upgrade to the next iPhone but keep all your progress and levels on games?

Answer Go to settings, then, then sounds, then ringtone. Assign to a contact.

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What is Pilgrim's Progress?

The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which is To Come is a popular Christian allegory written and published by John Bunyan, a Puritan, in the late 17th century.SummaryThe Pilgrim's Progre... Read More »

What is the progress for type 1 diabtic?

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What treatment and progress is there for the mentally retarded?

it doesnt effect you in a bad way and they havent found any defects in babies yet but if your unsure and uneasy about that then you should trust your gut instinct and dont.

What does construction in progress mean in accounting terms?

Accounting has a specific method of categorizing assets, so when an asset is in the process of assembly the expenses associated with the asset are categorized as "construction in progress."Referenc... Read More »