What next A question for the regulars?

Answer I clean up my laptop with baby wipes ..... well its not so much of a laptop as it is an Etch-A-Sketch*

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For all the Newborn and Baby regulars... bit of a fun question?

This is a good question. I have looked at the toddler section before but felt like I was in an unknown zone and didn't know anybody!I think my daughter will be at least 2 years old before I would ... Read More »

Can I get some advice from the "regulars"?

I know I've been extremely lucky in that my sister went vegetarian with me and my mom was really supportive (and became pescetarian in response to our diet changes.) Also, I've lived up and down t... Read More »

What would the regulars consider worse... (BQ)?

I don't really know if I'm considered a regular, but I might go on once a week(: Naming a girl a male name bother's me A LOT, but not the most out of the listed things. People I know litterally fin... Read More »

Reality TV Regulars?

Guess who's BACK babe ☺how anyone survives these TROLL-infested days with only one account is OBVIOUSLY beyond me.. loldR badglad every took my advice about protecting main accounts